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Here at Colorz, we believe in promoting a wide spectrum of beauty products that not only redefines the beautiful colors in cosmetic makeup that brings out the beauty in you, but we also go to great lengths in ensuring that our makeup products safely stay longer on your face, which incidentally, has been proven to outlast and rival most other brands, if not all.

Hence, what better color cosmetics are there in the vast market out there that could live up to this statement, you may ask? Well, it is none other than SOLONE products from Taiwan, of course!          

Solone is the leading makeup & cosmetic brand in Taiwan that is fast spreading its wings to other neighbouring countries like Australia and New Zealand in the Asia Pacific region to as far places as Europe and the USA. SOLONE's eye liner category, like their gel-like Smoody Pencil & Gel Eyeliner Pencils, have been awarded Taiwan's prestiges UrCosme, and FashionGuide (FG) No.1 Best Eyeliner virtually every year since 2010 to 2014. Its renowned Smoody Eyeliner Pencil was also awarded the Winner & Top 3 most popular brands in the Beauty Category by Cozycot Women's Choice Award in Singapore in the year 2012.

Today, we, at COLORZ CULTURE MARKETING, in direct and close collaboration with Champstar Marketing Pte. Ltd., Singapore, are proud to announce Colorz' formal appointment by Solone Taiwan, as the sole distributor for all Solone products exclusively here in Malaysia. With this appointment, we shall continue on Champstar Marketing's previous role in providing all our customers with the best possible level of service there is as well as introducing more newer and innovative products from Solone on line.

No doubt cosmetic product quality is paramount to us at Colorz, other than ensuring the high standards & long-lasting makeup performance of our products, we do not negate the importance of providing natural skincare makeup, or rather skinfood products to care for, nourish & to pamper your soft and supple skin. All these are achieved through the introduction and distribution of SEVENDROPS - Korea's first Rawganic skincare products. SEVENDROPS is the leading skincare brand in Korea that promotes Rawganic (Raw + Organic) ingredients for its products, which are devoid of any irritants or chemicals and that possess strong moisturizing power in their purest and natural state. Relying on nature's own natural potent healing properties that is without any artificial or chemical treatment, Rawganic preserves and encourages the skin to speedily heals itself as well.

Colorz' beliefs are not only in not merely in products that would bring out the "colorful" beauty in you that would last; but also to ensure that your skin stays smooth, healthy and beautiful always.

After all... where else could one expect to look forward to the "Dawn of a New Face" except through COLORZ?


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